Soigneur Magazine

Soigneur is published by an independent publishing house, which is a joint venture between design agency Tot en met ontwerpen and IN10, a creative agency for brand interaction.

Soigneur, a platform with a love for racing bikes, consists of a combination of magazine, website, iPad editions and online content. As a platform, Soigneur offers a varied selection of background stories, analyses, interviews, photo reports, columns, infographics and poetry by renowned international authors, photographers and designers. Soigneur recounts the past, the present and the future.
The following people worked on Soigneur, amongst others:
Peter Winnen (NL), Herman Brusselmans (BE), Marijn de Vries (NL), Bert Wagendorp (NL), Gio Lippens (NL), Lennart Ruinen (NL), Casper Rila (NL), Bas Steman (NL), Laura Messeguer (ESP), Tom Southam (GB), Ruben Block (BE), Laurens Ten Dam (NL), Kristof Ramon (BE), Lars Boom (NL), Zdynek Stybar (Czech), Emily May (USA), Herman van der Zandt (NL), Frank Heinen (NL), Léon de Kort (NL), Thijs Zonneveld (NL), Erik Spiekermann (GER), Benedict Campbell (ENG), Kåre Dehlie Thorstad (NO), Jelle Vermeersch (BE), Tino Pohlmann (GER), Willem de Kam (NL).
Art Direction: Martijn van Egmond
Graphic Design: Mirko Meerwaldt
Editor-in-chief: Martijn Boot
Editor: Femke Hoogland
Publisher: Vincent Luyendijk & Jeroen Boot for Soigneur BV
Images: Tino Pohlmann
"Good" by: Erik Spiekermann
Image: Joost Stokhof
Trek exploded view Paris Roubaix bike, Popovych
images: Chris de Bode
Images: Cor Vos
Soigneur x Shimano
Images by Lennaert Ruinen
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